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Mobile App UI Design


Lead Designer

May – December 2016


Designing the world’s first draft-style fantasy soccer mobile app

After the 2015-16 Premier League season concluded in May 2016, I led our small product team at Togga to launch the first ever draft Fantasy Premier League mobile app in 3 months. Our mission was to not only be the first draft fantasy soccer app, but to cement ourselves among the fantasy sports elites like Yahoo, ESPN, and CBS. We ambitiously set the bar high and worked tireless over the summer to launch the Togga mobile app.

I spent countless hours in the research and discover phase to find the best features from the existing fantasy sports apps, worked through numerous whiteboard sessions with team to plan the user flow, and delivered the design assets to the engineers for implementation.


The thrill of a live fantasy draft

The current fantasy soccer platforms use a salary cap to pick their teams, in stark contrast to the popular American version of fantasy sports, where users form a league with friends and have a live draft to pick their teams.

Being the first mobile app with a live fantasy soccer draft brought many challenges. There was a huge learning curve for the international audience who had no prior experience with American fantasy sports and didn’t know what the word ‘draft’ meant. Educating these users was difficult initially but through the use of a clean, easy to use UI, users quickly grasped the idea and they were hooked!

  • "You do such amazing work, and I love the amazing communication I always receive. I have been telling every soccer fan I know about Togga, and I even convinced a room full of 20 people at a new years party to download the app and start a league mid season!"

  • "Thank you for a damn good fantasy platform! I know from an experience that a website like Togga takes a whole lot a time to create and manage, so thank you for providing the best fantasy platform. Watching EPL without Togga would just not be as much fun."

  • "Thank you! This is heads above anything we've ever done and we've been doing this for the last 6 year. We've finally found our fantasy EPL game!"

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Loved by passionate fans in over 70 countries

My responsibilities included extensive research of existing fantasy football apps, wireframing initial mockups, conducting user flow testing, writing specs, delivering final designs, and working with the engineers through the development phase until launch.

Our monthly active users increased from 8,000 to over 35,000 with users’ average session time dramatically increasing to 8 minutes from 90 seconds from the previous season.


Leveraging a community of engaged users to promote and share the product

We noticed our users were using Facebook groups, Reddit, Twitter, and various forums to chat about their Togga teams so we created a hybrid forum/chat within our mobile app to keep the community within the Togga ecosystem. Our users loved the new feature so much, their average session time increased from 90 seconds to over 8 minutes!

One thing we observed within the most popular channel was users requesting feedback on their teams. This was difficult since users have 16 players on their teams. To combat this and make garnering feedback as seamless and easy as possible, we launched a feature allowing users to quickly add their team with the click of a button.


The one app for the modern soccer fan

In December 2016, we launched a re-designed “Home” screen with quick access to their favorite EPL club’s next match, each fantasy team’s current and previous matchup, blog content from our team of fantasy expert writers, and daily status updates about the players on their team.